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Thanks so much to all of you who sent so many very kind messages in response to my final page of cartoons in The Wichita Eagle. I was in the process of trying to answer them all (there were over 150) when I suddenly lost my entire inbox. I don't know whether I had so badly mismanaged my email account that it blew them all out or whether an elite force of invisible gremlins from the Peterjohn galaxy invaded and neutralized all correspondence to and from taxation-loving, wide-eyed, liberal Palin-bashers like myself. At any rate, I lost most of your messages.

If you'd like to risk your security status with the current administration which is, no doubt, monitoring our every keystroke at this very minute with the kind of fervor only lame-duck failed regimes can muster, email me once again so that I can add your address to the list of those I sometimes will be sending notices to about, oh, I don't know, funny things my dog did this morning or new cartoon ventures or such.

Thanks for your patience with my inadequate computer skills.

Oh, also, most of the buttons to the left should be activated by now. Feel free to snoop around the site. And if you feel so moved, contact me for any commissioning of artwork you or your business may need. I'm at rcrowson1@cox.net.


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